Educating Competent, Responsible and Generous-minded Women in 1895

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One hundred and twenty years ago this month, in June 1895, Isabel Weld Perkins graduated from Miss Winsor’s School in Boston, now called The Winsor School.  She was in the school’s first graduating class of young Boston women prepared by Mary Pickard Winsor for a life in society and the world at large. During the earliest years, girls attended classes in Miss Winsor’s home home on Beacon Hill, and as enrollment grew, the school moved into its own buildings.

The school did not start keeping formal records of its curriculum or graduates until 1897, but the curriculum for that year offered instruction in English, history, art, geography, French, German, Latin, Greek, mathematics, science, and drawing.

As the school’s website records, Miss Winsor wanted to “prepare women to be self-supporting, … competent, responsible and generous-minded.” In this, Isabel Anderson lived up to her teacher’s vision and is among the school’s many illustrious alumnae.

Photo,”The Winsor School, Boston”
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