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Karaoke with Larz and Isabel

See if you can sing along to this charming song that was performed in Isabel Anderson’s 1932 operetta. Even better, if you play the piano, download the sheet music and perform it at home!

“Open the Door of Your Heart”
from Isabel Anderson’s operetta Marina (1932)
Words and music by Grace Warner Gulesian
Performed by Antoine Palloc (Paris, France)

[Sheet music for “Open the Door of Your Heart” is linked below.]


Open the door of your heart dear,
For love stands waiting outside.
Pray leave the portals ajar dear,
Love will come in and abide.
Love will come back to the home nest.
Love will be love as of old.
Open your heart and let love rest.
Love that will never grow old.
Ah! Ah! Waiting a kind word from you. Ah! Ah!
Love will forever be true.
Deep in your eyes Love is reading
Hope that will never depart.
Though you delay,
Love finds a way,
Open the door of your heart.

Click here to download the sheet music:
Open the Door of Your Heart (1932)

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