Put Isabel Anderson on Your Kindle!

A-YachtThe audio (podcast) of my February 16,2017, lecture at the Boston Athenaeum on “Isabel Anderson as Writer, Editor, and Impresario” is now available by clicking here: SoundCloud.com.

The powerpoint (in PDF format) that accompanies the lecture may be downloaded here.  Click on this link: Isabel Anderson as Writer… (Powerpoint) and then click on the photograph of Isabel to access the document. (Warning: large file.)

Isabel Anderson produced a prolific literary output between 1909 and 1948. In all, she published some sixty works across many genres: children’s literature, travelogues, short stories, drama and musical theater, historical nonfiction, and poetry. At the same time she was writing books, she published articles, short stories, and poems in local and national magazines and newspapers. Fairly complete biographies of her books exist in the library of the Society of the Cincinnati in Washington and in the archives of the Boston Athenaeum. Unfortunately, due to the enormous volume of her newspaper and magazine articles, we may never know about everything else that she published.

Many of her books, however, are available as PDFs and e-books (including Kindle format) on a number of websites, especially archive.org.   Here is a small sampling of some of my favorite Isabel Anderson titles:

The Spell of Belgium (1917)
Odd Corners (1917)
Presidents and Pies (1920)
A Yacht in Mediterranean Seas (1930)

Download some of them today and start reading!

Book covers from the library of Skip Moskey,
author of Larz and Isabel Anderson: Wealth and Celebrity in the Gilded Age